Atlas Roof Solutions

The Atlas Roof system is one of the strongest, best looking and most thermally effiecient systems on the market. We helped them to get this message out to their customers.

The Brief

Atlas Roof Solutions were bringing a new roof system to a crowded market.  The revolutionary product featured a slim line roof, which reduced the width of rafters by 30% and the main feature ridge by 70%. Sounds good, but what did that mean?

The Solution

Well, we summed up the benefits of this design in one simple succinct statement…


This became the strapline and the single proposition on all marketing materials and has been trademarked by Atlas.

The product was very well received in the market, with sales increasing by 400% in the second year of business. We certainly played our part in that success.

Main Product Brochure

We developed the content to tell the 'more sky less roof story' and portray the genuine benefits of this revolutionary product to the consumer, in a simple and visual manner. The diagram showing the actual width of the internal ridges, compared to a traditional roof summed it all up particularly well.


Initially focussing on the product, rather than 'installation shots', the first adverts featured an impactful product image and the 'more sky less roof' statement. They stood out in the trade press and played their part in building awareness in a crowded marketplace. Over time, the advert style was adapted to incorporate 'hero shot's' to showcase the roof in high end projects.


A bright, light and airy website, designed to be in keeping with the nature of the product, focussing on the twin benefits of appearance and performance.

Massive 400% Sales Growth

Sales of the roof system grew massively in the second year.

Grew Brand Recognition

Our designs and ideas help to build Atlas' brand to position it as a market leader.

A platform for launch

A successful launch, underpinned by our marketing materials.


Well, 'More Sky, Less Roof' summed it up perfectly. I was delighted! Lines’ input gave us a great springboard to get the product recognised in the market.

Gareth Thomas
Sales & Marketing Director

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