A CMS Solution for Franchises

Your franchisees want local leads from their own website, but you need to keep control of costs and your brand.

Achieve it all with Edition+
The franchise CMS

Local Leads

From the local websites that your franchisees need, to grow.


Brand, corporate content and scalability.


A franchise CMS that delivers and is cost effective for all.


Keep your franchisees happy…and loyal.


Be the most attractive option for prospects.


Make expansion hassle free.

Local websites drive
local leads

Franchisee pages buried within national sites are OK.

But unique local websites, automatically updated with corporate content, compete directly with local competition.

Your franchisees need to be able to compete locally.

Local leads demand
SEO success

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) can be summed-up simply as “making a website as useful as possible”. Succeeding at SEO means being found when customers search for a service in their local area.

To be found, a website must prove to a search engine (e.g. Google) that it is more useful than the local competition. We support franchise networks to help your local (and national) sites get found, and generate leads.

We know what you’re thinking

“This all sounds great and we do want to retain control. However, we don’t have the staff and it all sounds costly.”

  • Well, it is great!
  • There is a cost, but it’s not costly.
  • Keeping control of your growing network is easy.
  • It needs managing, but it’s not greedy.

We’re good at making this easy for you. You give franchisees as much or as little control as you want.

Drain Doctor switched to Edition+ franchise CMS and migrated their network (in-house) without taking on extra staff. They continue to add locations every month.


Lines explained how their franchise CMS could help us to take control and make a positive difference to our network. They carried out the work and delivered on the promise, feedback from franchisees has been great!

Robin Banks
COO - Drain Doctor

Local Websites

For every franchise location

Local Search

Be found by local customers

Less Effort

For more gain!

Instant Access

To any site via central dashboard.

Instant Setup

For new franchise websites

200+ Locations

No problem! Scalable to suit all sizes.

In today’s online world, your franchisees look to you for tools to build their business and to cultivate and convert prospects successfully.

Edition+ lets you do this by offering professionally designed, fully-brand compliant websites.

Many traditional content management systems restrict local content and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to aid corporate control. Others sacrifice corporate control to allow franchisees access to input local content.

Uniquely, Edition+ franchise CMS streamlines both. Your brand is never put at risk by poor inappropriate franchisee content.

It’s a win-win for everyone.

Some of our clients that use Edition+

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